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Perich Eye Center- New Port Richey

Perich Eye Center- New Port Richey Cosmetic Surgery on Health In Reach
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For all your Cataract Ophthalmic “Eye” Plastic and Lasik Surgeries GI Endoscopy and Pain Management needs visit Perich Eye Centers. Perich Eye Centers are located in Newport Richey Tampa Spring Hill Crystal River and Zephyrhills Florida.

Our Seven Springs Surgery Center is a 5000 square foot plus multi-specialty freestanding facility located at 2020 Seven Springs Blvd. In New Port Richey Florida. There are four Pre-Op and four Post-Op beds two operating rooms and one special procedure area. A medical staff of 10 + doctors provides excellent care specializing in Cataract Ophthalmic “Eye” Plastic and Lasik Surgeries GI Endoscopy and Pain Management. The equipment is on a constant monitoring and upgrading plan to provide the latest in “state of the art” technology as seen with the 2002 LASERSIGHT Lasik Surgery Vision Correction machine and the 2003 Olympus Endo Equipment. The nursing staff has an ongoing dedication and commitment to excellent are for every patient.

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Apr 28, 2015 - May 04, 2015
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