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is a free service that helps people find the lowest prices from qualified dentists and doctors, then easily book appointments online. By conveniently scheduling your appointment here, you may save up to half or more off the typical price. There are more than 1.6 million appointments available at Health In Reach and we offer descriptions and prices for nearly 50,000 specific procedures.

Our Goal

Today, there are 130 million Americans who pay for dental care out-of-pocket and tens of millions more who pay for elective medical procedures in cash. Yet, most people won’t know the cost until they get a huge bill. When possible, we don’t think it makes senses to see a doctor without knowing what you’re going to get or how much it’ll cost. Health In Reach is focused on helping eliminate surprises and making healthcare more affordable.

Patient Intro

How? Well, processing insurance paperwork is expensive for doctors. When people are paying themselves, it actually saves the doctor money. By grouping self-paying patients, Health In Reach allows doctors to pass these savings to people who book appointments here. Thousands of great dentists & doctors already use HealthInReach offer top service at great prices, with more joining every day.

helps take the fear out of finding new dentists, optometrists and doctors who specialize in elective procedures, like tummy tucks, botox, and lasik. In addition to pricing information, our unique database contains information on education, training, and patient reviews. Over 3 million people have already used the service looking for doctors.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse the extensive list of doctors in your area
  2. Schedule an appointment online to “lock-in” your discounted price
  3. We’ll remind you as your appointment time gets close
  4. Enjoy your savings!


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