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Health In Reach is an innovative online platform that is modernizing the way providers connect with patients. Our technology allows you to promote your practice and convert those searching for healthcare online into your next patient

Our goal is to connect patients with quality doctors and dentists at affordable prices while expanding your practice and improving productivity. Health In Reach is a patient referral service that compliments what you already do and costs nothing until it works for you.

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  • “No Risk” way to reach new self-pay patients
  • Easy online scheduling
  • We’ll do the setup work
  • Easy to add or change information to your profile
  • Ready in 5 minutes - No technical integration required
  • Free staff training & support
  • Fits into your existing office flow
  • Marketing performance dashboard

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Over 3 million people have visited us to find doctors and thousands of other great providers have already joined Health In Reach. It’s your time.

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Thousands of doctors and dentists across the country have already signed-up with Health In Reach. If you’re not one of them, we have pre-populated your profile with basic information from public sources to provide a better experience for our users. However, it is much better if you take a few minutes to customize your profile (it’s free!) so prospective patients can discover you.

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We believe that Patients want more convenience and efficiency from health care. By leveraging online options, leading doctors and dentists can deliver an higher-level of care and improve access to affordable healthcare. HealthInReach is the best way to move your practice online. Our service has been build with provider-input ever step of the way. Because HealthInReach operates at a national scale, we can offer these services to doctors so cost-effectively that we do not charge to use our technology platform. Learn More about how HealthInReach is modernizing the way that providers connect with patients.