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Why hair transplantation works

The medical process for hair restoration simply involves the transplanting of hairs and follicles from one area of the head to another. In the case of male pattern baldness the hairs on the back and sides of the head from what we call the donor area — that are resistant to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) — are artfully moved to the thinning areas at the top and front of the head. It is important to remember that the hair follicle itself is resistant to DHT so even when moved to the top and front of the head the follicle retains this resistance and the transplanted hair thrives where the genetically sensitive hair failed.

Why eyebrow transplantation works

The technique for eyebrow restoration is similar to the artistry and the permanence of hair restoration. The fast and effective procedure takes only two to three hours and is performed by a Bosley physician. The technique involves taking a small amount of hair from just above the ear area and transplanting them to the eyebrow region. This is a highly artistic procedure in which a brow is individually designed just for you based on your facial type your features and what you personally want to achieve.

During your consultation with a Bosley physician there are several factors that will be evaluated to develop a treatment plan specifically designed for your particular hair loss pattern and treatment goals. These include:

Age - While we'd all like our hair to look as great as it did when we were 18 years old the hairlines of a typical 20 30 and 50 year old man are very different. Bosley physicians will design a hairline that is age appropriate for you to help ensure the most natural of results.

Facial structure - your new hairline is determined in part by your facial structure. Patients with long thin faces often have different hairlines than people with rounder faces.

Existing hairline and quality of hair - some patients require a complete reconstruction of a hairline while others need the physician to take cues from existing hair. The quality of the hair (color coarseness curl etc.) and its quantity also impacts how this will be done.

Long-term goals - a young patient wanting to stay ahead of his hair loss will have a much different treatment program than someone with advanced hair loss. The physician must consider not only how the restoration will look next year but 20 or 30 years from now. Hair loss is progressive so a restoration must anticipate further hair loss and make sure that today's restoration will stand the test of time.

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